Message from Recycaball

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick message to let you know about our charitable donations for January to March 2018.

We Make Donations Of Tennis Balls To The Following Charities / Organisations :
Save The Children, NSPCC, Barnardo’s, Under Privileged Nurseries / Schools, Children’s Homes, Animal Rescue Centres, Dog Shelters, & The RSPCA.

This Quarter We Have Donated A Total Of 1,965 Balls.

We Have Also Made Cash Donations To The Following Charities :
Make A Wish, Cancer Research UK, The British Heart Foundation, The Alzheimer’s Society, The National Autistic Society, The Firefighters Charity, The Parkinson’s Disease Society, Macmillan Cancer Support, CALM, Blue Elephant, Help For Heroes, The Stroke Association, ASYTST, The Tennis Foundation, Tennis First & Tennis For Free.

I would like to say a big thank you for your continued support, as without you, these charitable donations would simply not be possible.

If anyone has any sacks ready for shipping, please let me know and I will arrange for the courier to collect and email you the shipping labels.
Or, if you have any used tennis balls you would like to recycle and need a courier sack shipping out to you, please email me and I will get one sent out for you.

Swap A Sack Of Used Tennis Balls… For A Used Tennis Balls Recycling Unit.

If you would like a used tennis ball recycling unit for your club in order to increase the number of balls being recycled, we are able to provide one for you…

Quite simply, when you send in your next sack of 200 balls, if you would prefer a recycling unit rather than a direct payment, simply let us know, and once the sack has been received, we will ship one out for you.

As can be seen on our website, they come complete with “ Please Place Your Used Tennis Balls In This Unit For Recycling” stickers, and combination padlocks for the lid.

( Would you please ensure that none of the balls in the sack are in the condition that we do not take, or are the unpressurised or low pressure balls )

Recycle Your Used Tennis Balls For £ £ £ £’s

We Buy Your Used Tennis Balls
We Pay £18.00 for each batch of 100 balls ( 18p per ball )
We Pay £40.00 for each batch of 200 balls ( 20p per ball )

We make it easy for you to recycle….
Once you have a batch of either 100 or 200 balls ready, simply let us know and we will send you a reusable courier sack.

Once you let us know that the sack has been packed, we will email you a shipping label, & arrange for the courier call and collect. ( we cover all shipping costs )

We book Hermes collections for either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of each week, Or, if you prefer, I can give you the address of your local hermes parcel drop off point and the sack can be dropped off there any day at your convenience.

When we receive the balls, we will make a bank transfer for you and let you know once the transfer has been completed.

So long as the balls are not very weather damaged, very discoloured or have damaged nap, we can take them.

What we mean by the above is : for instance, balls have been knocked over the fence, or into the bushes, Etc, and then left out in all weathers will be weather damaged, will have become discoloured and / or possibly the nap may have started to fray off the ball… If any of the balls are in this condition, please don’t put those balls into the sack.

We have a photo on our website showing the condition of balls we can not take.

Also, we can not take any balls that have been used on clay / shale courts ( Unless the balls have been used on the artificial clay surface ).

We can not take any of the non pressurised balls ( i.e. Wilson Trainer, Micro X, Babalot Academy, Etc ) or the low pressure mini / junior balls (either coloured or green / yellow).

We are now recycling with over 1,200 clubs and coaches throughout the UK.
Should you require a little more information regarding our used tennis ball recycling service, please go the our website :

If you are interested in recycling your used tennis balls, would you please email us at :